HuNet Technologies LLP

About Us . . .

We at HuNet Technologies believe in the Infinite Capability of The Human mind to help make this world a better place to live in and HNT is a small Endeavor in this regard. We are a team of like-minded Individuals, Striving to build a Strong Structure of Human Network on the foundation of Human Values.

We are Multidisciplinary Team Consisting of more than Twenty members from several different Professional Backgrounds who have different areas of Expertise, in which most of them are from Engineering and Business background, who has Completed their Masters in different Disciplines like Industrial Design, Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, MBA etc. and Graduation in different Disciplines like Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering etc. from most Prestigious Colleges of our Country like IISc, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, NIT Karnataka, RVCE, NIE etc. Some of them have more Ten Years of Experience in Industries and Educational Institutions.


Polices, Rules & Regulations:

  • Infinite Capability of Humans to Innovate and Do Good to the Society.
  • The Strength of Effective Networking across different fields.
  • Right to Excel in the chosen field of Work.
  • Value based Approach: Quality not Quantity: Long term not Short term.
  • To Create a Healthy, Safe and Inspiring Workplace and Achieving Personal Goals through Organizational Goals.
  • Strongly relate and uphold the Philosophy of Indian Constitution and to abide by the rules of the Progressive Society: No Child worker: No Forced / Bonded worker.
  • To have an Environment friendly Structure of Working.


Business Ethics:

  • We Cultivate Human Network that can Develop Solutions to Challenges Central to Economic Vitality and Quality of Life.
  • We Strive to Demonstrate High Standards of Ethical Conduct, Honesty, Openness, and Trust as Keys to our Working Relationships.
  • We Recognize and Value the Uniqueness, Diversity, and Dignity of Every Individual.
  • We Pursue Excellence in Teaching and Learning by Encouraging and Supporting Creativity, Experimentation, Imagination, Originality, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Visionary Leadership.


Work Culture:

  • Efforts to Create a Work Atmosphere for free Expression of Ideas Leading to Innovation.
  • Motivated Work Force which can realize personal goals through Organizational goals.
  • Performance-based Compensation and Reward Programs.
  • Embracing Change, State of the Art Systems and Processes: Keeping in Tune with the Advances in the field.
  • Emphasis on Trust based Relationship.
  • Effective Communication System, Flat Organization Structure.
  • Customer-focused, Environment Friendly.
  • All Round Development of Individuals.