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Special Purpose Machines . . .

Some machines are not available off the shelf, these machine are not covered in standard manufacturing programs. Therefore those machines we do design & development as per the customer’s specific requirements.

SPMs or Special Purpose Machines offer tremendous scope for high volume production at low investment and at low cost of production when compared to CNC machines. SPM, Special Purpose Machines is a high productivity machine, with specially designed tools, dedicated for mass producing the same component day in and day out. A judicious combination of limit switches, sensors, logic controls, automatic job clamping etc is the essence of a SPM.

A well conceived Special Purpose Machine finds ways and means to utilize the man and machine to the optimum. We offer low cost dedicated SPMs as per specific customer requirements in the all engineering fields.

HuNet has been producing special purpose machinery for our esteemed clients from our in-house design and manufacturing facility based in Bangalore, India. We are technology driven company, HuNet has used their experience and knowledge of manufacturing and automation to help our many customer improve their production process. Our years of experience and knowledgeable team ensure that we always supply Special Purpose machines of the highest quality, designed and manufactured for years of trouble free operation. We manufacture high-precision products and deliver on time. You can rely on our dedication to quality and precision to deliver creatively designed, thoroughly tested solutions for all tool and die needs.


Special Purpose Machines: Hydraulic Power Pack

HuNet is a trusted provider of hydraulic power pack solutions for mobile, industrial, as well as marine requirements. We bring a high degree of specialization, and a promise of quality. We employ the best minds, tools, technology and deal with household manufacturers of the best stock and customized and superior solutions. We also supply hydraulic power pack components from the best Hydraulic Power Pack in India. Hydraulic power packs are hydraulic pieces of equipment comprising pumps, motors, valves, and a host of other accessories commonly utilized in filters and pressers.

We provide this equipment for small and heavy duty applications and you can find a perfect match for your requirements from our wide selection or talk to us for your unique requirement. It is also available in standard and custom built designs; auto-cut-off and hold types that take your unique specifications into consideration. All the components that go into the power packs we supply undergo rigorous testing to be certified for use in the manufacture process. All the solutions are configured by experts to ensure that they give a reliable fluid power performance.


Our power packs are used in:

  • Marine machines
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Industrial automation machines
  • Earth moving equipment