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HuNet involved in building automation in the residential extension. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. The Home automation may include Automatic tank Water level controller centralized control of lighting, security locks of gates & doors and other systems appliances.


Automatic water level controller

“Save Water – Serve Humanity”

Automatic Water Level controller is designed to automatic control of motor, which ensures constant reserve of water in storage tanks. HuNet Automatic water level controller is used to automatically fill the overhead tank as and when it gets empty.

Automatic water level controller switches ON the motor when the water level in the overhead tank drops below pre fixed low level (on point) and puts off the motor when water level rises up to pre fixed high level (off point) motor. Automatic water level controller allows you to decide the water storage levels for operations of the pump in the overhead tank and the sump. 

State of the Art

  • The system is very versatile, a number of tailors made variations like control of multiple tanks, or multiple pumps are possible.
  • Easy installation, Low maintenance, Compact and elegant design, fully automatic, Saves water, motor and energy, Increases pump life, Feather touch keys.


  • Automatic Water level controllers &Level Indicator is highly recommended for all types of cities or areas where drinking water is supplied through pipelines which are further distributed in homes, hotels, societies etc.
  • At large our systems not only help you but your neighbors and society also as it reduces the wastage of water, by cutting down any further overflow than what you need.
    It is a must for Residential houses, bungalows, Residential Buildings, apartment’s, Commercial Complexes, Industrial Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals and multistory buildings, especially in the metros where there is no fixed time for water supply.